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Rachel Bolger- Landlord

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to take the time to recognise the great service I have received from your property managers in the Ash Marton team.

Over the last 24 days I have been dealing with both Stacey and Vanessa on a regular basis, after being in real estate (a long time ago) I was concerned about the dealings that would take place when putting my property on the rental market.

After shopping the market and having 2 other agents out for appraisals, Stacey felt like the best fit. Being a young landlord and recognising your company had that go get it attitude with the marketing to match my generation it soon became apparent that Stacey and Ash Marton was the best fit for me.  Stacey held a great level of professionalism with no judgement and didn’t waste my time over estimating the rent return I would receive. When I told Stacey my time frame of making a decision at no point did she try to hurry the process she was very patient and respectful. Stacey went above and beyond my expectations with her level of service and follow up.

Both Stacey and Vanessa were in regular contact with any updates on the property, and when they got in touch they were always enthusiastic, polite and ready answer any quires or concerns in a really fast manner. This was constantly putting me at ease knowing I could get in touch with the team at any point.

The honesty of both Stacey and Vanessa, with the knowledge of the market was helpful when considering applicants. When you don’t do this each and every day is can be difficult making the decision with picking the right tenant and I appreciate and trust both ladies opinions as well as knowledge and education they had provided me with along the way.  Knowing that although your portfolio is small you haven’t yet been to VCAT is extremely reassuring that the team know what they are doing when making strong recommendations with tenants applications.

Knowing the Vanessa and Stacey were as genuinely as happy as I was when we found the perfect tenant is sure sign that they enjoy doing what they do, and they do it well.  I know I have the right team managing my property over the next 12 month.

Service can often be hard to find, both Vanessa and Stacey are a fantastic asset to your business and hope there hard work is recognised.

I thoroughly appreciate all the work the ladies have done to date and I look forward to working with the team moving forward.

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